We Are Pi Construction

Pi Construction Limited was established on the 5th July 2015 in Hong Kong. As a civil works contractor targeting providing a one stop solution to any Remedial Works especially structure related matters during construction and maintenance stage. Pi is also a contractor providing a one stop solution to Structural steel related works during construction and maintenance stage.

Our Company

Pi itself is part of a group of companies including GWP Engineering Limited (Supply and Fabricate Construction Material) and CEEK Limited (Solid Design Engineering firm with mission design for Engineering). The three companies between them offer mutually supporting skills to allow this one stop solution becomes practical.

Only after two years operation, Pi has already established our own direct in house working force. Who has proud being part of Pi’s family. Different from other local contractors, Pi is proud its working force once joining then stay instead keep on changing working force. This providing Pi’s working force a work life balance situation and also allow Pi be able to mobilise a workforce with skills suited to the clients’ demands within only a short notice period, e.g. 3 working days.

Notably Pi’s management teamhas experience in Tunneling, ELS, foundations, and all sorts structural works such as steelwork erection, formwork, falsework, concreting, sprayed concreting, grouting and concrete repairs and waterproofing works.

Pi has established working partnerships with a number of specialist companies giving it the ability to strengthen its capacity to take on work to match the demands of our main contractor clients.

Qualifications. Pi has successfully been listed on SRS as one of the respectful concrete repair and waterproofing specialist since 22 Jun 2017. After successfully completed several design, supply, fabrication and installation structural steel works, now Pi is in the process to achieve the Structural Steel specialist. Taking this recognition by the professional organization CIC (Construction Industry Committee) here in Hong Kong, Pi would like to go further being a Remedial Works specialist and joint together with the industry’s specialist to develop more and more advanced technology to solve the headache of our client during any stage of the construction works.

Clients Satisfactory is our most motivation. PI’s successful solution delivery to our Clients have achieve the great respects from our clients including main contractors and luxury houses developers here in Hong Kong. E.g. MTRC, Highways Department, CEDD (Civil Engineering Development Department), Nan Fung Group etc. To maintain and drive us further taking our clients quality desire, Pi now is in the process to get ISO9001 and ISO1400 certified.

Supply and Fabricate Construction Material
Solid Design Engineering firm with mission design for Engineering
Our Vision

“Engineering for Precision” is our mission. With such a mission, we are energetically and enthusiastically being proud of consistently delivering remedial and structural steel works to our Clients. We are proud of being just a little step further daily however aiming the highest standards of safety and integrity among the subcontractors. We are proud for mitigating practical on site experience and lab innovation together with our Chemical specialists to grow our team and business across infrastructure and building industry and beyond.

Our Principles

Our principles form the foundation of our success and guide us to be respectful. Our principles unite the little individual culture among our staff and working force in and distinguish us from our competitors. Our principles make us are unique to be just Pi’s elements. Our principles have to be read in the following sequence:

  • Safety and Quality. This is one of the most important elements out of all of the five, this is the fundamental elements of the whole business here Pi is carrying out.
  • Integrity: Respect and Honesty are the most important elements. We must respect ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and shareholders so we expect their respect to us. This is not common within the organization of a small subcontractor; this is frequently been ignored by the main contractor to an even quite knowledgeable and professional subcontractor.
  • Accountability: We must each commit to what we are responsible for. We have strong sense taking care of our working force, we have a strong sense of responsibility to our clients. This strengthening our safety desire.
  • Delivery: This drives our reputation and credibility. We Learnt the lessons from so many other subcontractor’s. We shall not allow this ever happen to us. We shall always try our very best to cooperate with our Client to achieve as much as we could deliver. We trust this is a Pi’s commitment.
  • Innovation: Although frequently we see and hear “there is no high technology in construction industry”, we trust a little step thinking and consideration to our material, to our plant and equipment and to our people that daily in our operation, to evolve a further step, day by day, we could be much excel among our competitors and such although philosophical transformation is our tomorrow that we are working on now.


The Principles above are the pillar of Pi being existing and stay stable. These Principles outlines the standards of ethical behaviour expected of all employees and gives us a clear framework for making decisions in all aspects of our work.